Thursday, April 16, 2015


Laurie's flowers #1
This is a very large post, but I just couldn't narrow it any further.  Everyone did such a fabulous job painting on Yupo that I felt I needed to post as many of these paintings as possible.  For many, this was the first time they had painted on this surface, and amazingly, that didn't seem to matter!  Everyone was willing to dive right in and experiment and have fun, and the results speak for themselves.  Enjoy!

Donna, Betty, Chris, and Dave at work


Donna's landscape #1
Linda's in progress

Annette's in progress

Donna, Betty, Chris, and Dave...still working!

Lee's sunflowers in progress

Chris's flowers

Gerri's flowers

Betty's abstract in progress

Pat's in progress

I think these are finished!

Laurie, Gerri, Judy, Paula, Linda, and Annette

Paula's flowers

Paula's landscape

Annette's bird

Dave's encaustic painted previously

Pat's encaustic painted previously

Lee's encaustics painted previously

Linda's encaustic and pen painted previously

Dave...almost at the finish line

Donna's landscape #2

Lee's sunflowers...still in progress



Annette's in progress

Dave's landscape

Paula experimenting

Laurie's flowers #2

Linda's encaustic painted previously

Monday, April 13, 2015

Critique 4-13-2015

Gerri's encaustic painting

The group analyzing Donna's painting

Lee expounding on Donna's painting

Dave and George viewing Gerri's painting

George's photo...for a possible future painting?

Or, a black and white photo?

Gerri and Donna discussing keeping George's photo for a photo reference

And, then there was Lee's...what to do?

Crop somehow?

George takes a photo to check values...

Gerri suggested adding leaves on the right side of tree

Donna suggested cropping from the top

George observes, as Dave and Donna perform surgery...:-)

Donna's colored-pencil painting...Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Dave's mono print

George and Lee studying Dave's mono print

Lee, Donna, Gerri, and Dave

Dave's oil painting of Margie in Acadia National Park

Lee's painting on watercolor board

Bill's textured photo from the Galapagos Islands

Lee, Donna, Gerri, Dave, and George

Bill's photo from a church in England

Donna's colored-pencil painting of a runner in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Our critique group met this morning and we got right down to the business at hand!  This group is so supportive and helpful...and insightful!  A pleasant way to spend a Monday morning, surrounded by fellow artists who are willing to share their work and their opinions.  Missing from the photos is the man who was behind the camera, Bill Beuther.