Friday, June 19, 2015

A busy morning!

Karen's colored-pencil painting

Gerri and Karen discussing Donna's painting
Karen, Mary Ann, and Lee, all focused

Sage, Donna, Gerri, Karen, and Mary Ann

Donna's colored-pencil painting

Gerri and Karen discussing watercolor techniques

A somewhat smaller group today.  Some just decided to take the day off, others were painting en plein air.  But, we had a successful morning, as you can see from the beautiful artwork.  And, we even had a few good laughs.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Something new!

Betty was experimenting with alcohol inks on Yupo!

Linda, Paula, Donna, Judy, Betty (hiding), and Gerri

Betty, Judy, and Paula

Donna, Betty, and Gerri

Donna, just getting started

Gerri and Linda, intrigued with what Betty was doing with the inks.

Judy's colored-pencil cat

And, today's STAR...alcohol inks!
Well, Betty created quite a stir with her alcohol inks at yesterday's painting session.  She was experimenting with using them on Yupo and, as you can see, the effects were stunning.   One more exciting, fun, way to create!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Second Monday Critiques 6/8/2015

Dave's (oil)

Linda's  (watercolor)

Lee's (watercolor)


Donna's (colored pencil)

George's (watercolor)

Dave's (oil)

Linda's (watercolor on Yupo)

Lee's (pastel)


Donna's (colored pencil)

A productive critique session.  We all benefited from the comments and suggestions shared by our talented and knowledgeable members.  A special welcome to our new members!