Friday, August 21, 2015

An information gathering session...

Lee's last-minute experiment in pastel

Chris and Lee working

Clockwise:  Donna, Linda, Gerri, Sage, Betty

Donna working

Close-up of Donna's colored pencil painting

Clockwise:  Donna, Linda, Gerri, Sage, Betty, Chris

Linda's watercolor on Yupo from life subject

Sage beginning a pastel painting

Resource material that Chris was perusing

Gerri's watercolor painting, progress

Betty creating a color wheel

We spent Wednesday morning, working, sharing ideas, experimenting, and just having fun.  Everyone is pushing the envelope and trying new ways of expressing themselves in their art.  As we feed off of one another, and become comfortable experimenting and taking some chances, we increase the likelihood of creating more exciting and meaningful work.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Clay Date! 8-12-2015

Dee's people pot watcher

The group busy creating

Karen and Mary Ann


Gerri, getting more clay

Ready for firing

Sage, Judy, Betty, Karen, Mary Ann, and Gerri

A huge thank you to Gerri for providing clay, utensils, and expert instruction.  This was so much fun, and some really lovely creations were the result.  After these are fired and glazed, I'll post the finished products.  Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Critique 8-10-2015

Linda Kenski's watercolor and ink on Yupo

Dave, George, and Linda

Dave's Oil painting



Linda Kenski's watercolor

George with his camera...checking values

Dave, Linda, and George

Linda's watercolor

George with his photo from the Medina County Fair

Lee's two pastels...both works in progress

The group studying Lee's pastelpaintings

Outside observers

George seeing if a crop might work

Donna's colored pencil painting

Dave's social commentary

Linda commenting on Dave's painting

More observers

Donna checking a crop

Linda's watercolor on Yupo

Lee commenting on Linda's painting

George's photo from France

Bill's photo of the Opera House in Iceland

Donna's watercolor pencil painting

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Donna's colored-pencil painting

Donna at work

The early stages of Paula's greeting card

Judy, Mary Ann, Gerri, Paula, Donna (behind the camera, Lee)

Mary Ann at work

Mary Ann working on her watercolor painting

Mary Ann's painting

The painters
Judy working on her painting

Lee's pastel painting...early stages

Gerri concentrating on her drawing

The start of Gerri's drawing