Monday, November 21, 2016

Betty, creating magic with her pastels.

Judy is busy with her color pencils and Jacki is contemplating possibilities!

Watercolor is Paula's specialty.

Gerri is just getting started on a watercolor.

Dave's watercolor on Yupo, an abstract of the natural world.

And, another abstract by Dave, on rice paper!

Gerri is very focused.

Part of our gang hard at work.

Judy's colored pencil rooster.

The artist at work.

Paula is working on Christmas themes.

Another beautiful color pencil landscape by Donna!

Chris is working on a bright, colorful collage.

Jackie's drawing...for a later painting?

Don is continuing to develop his lovely acrylic landscape.

As we wind up November, our group is growing larger and more varied.  Gone are the days of predominantly colored pencils.  In are acrylics, oils, collage, watercolor, pastel, and alcohol inks!  And, of course, colored pencil.  We have a good time together, and even though there tends to be quite a bit of chatter, a lot of beautiful artwork is created in the space of the three hours we spend together. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Critique, 11-14-2016

An exciting abstract painting by our newest member, Burnsie

Intrigued, we wanted to take a look at Burnie's painting horizontally

A pastoral oil painting by Dave.

George's work in progress.  A street scene from France!

A pastel of the Icelandic countryside, by Lee.

Burnsie commenting...

Jackie's turbulant (her word!) oil painting.  Can't you just feel the wind?

An bright, cheerful alcohol ink abstract landscape by Linda.

Again, we always need to see abstracts from various perspectives!

Don's stylized oil landscape.  Wonder who lives there?

Donna's serene and magical color pencil painting of Fortier Park. 
Lee's imaginary landscape in pastel.

 Bill's abstract photo of ice from his visit to Iceland.

Dave captured this view in oil, on a recent trip out West!

Another "wow" alcohol ink painting by Linda.

This intriguing scene was painted in oil by Jackie!

George commenting...

George's delightful Christmas painting...a work in progress.

We had a really good turnout at our most recent critique group, and welcomed another new member, Burnsie Holder!  The work presented was interesting and varied, and quite impressive.  It takes a bit of courage to put your work out there for people to see and critique, and I applaud everyone in the group for being willing to share their ongoing journey with us.