Sunday, January 22, 2017

Painting Group 1-18-2017

Mary Ann is working on a lovely, soft watercolor landscape.

The final touches on Donna's colored pencil Redwood.
The group is busy at work.

A bright and cheerful work in progress by Don

Judy is very focused.

Gerri starting another sweet dog colored pencil painting.

Judy's happy floral.

Which pieces should be applied next, Chris?

A new beginning for Donna...a Raven.
 Lots of activity today!  We had a large group, with several people working on new paintings.  Betty and Gerri were camera shy, but present and accounted for.  Donna finished her painting of the stately redwood, and began a new painting of a raven from a photo she took in California.  Lee, as usual, was behind the camera...right where she wants to be...:-)   Hope you can join us in February.  We have special plans for the 9th, be watching for details.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Small but Mighty...Painting Group, 1-11-2017

A beautiful beginning to Betty's mixed-media painting.

Dave is gearing up for the upcoming Luc Leestemaker workshop!

Donna continues work on her stately Redwood.

Dave at play...exciting!

Lee's acrylic abstract...early stage.

Donna's Redwood is coming along nicely.

Betty working on her mixed-media abstract.

Here goes Dave again...creating from his palette!
The inclement weather kept some folks home today, but look at the fun we had!  Beautiful work, lively colors, and creative outcomes. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Critique, 1-9-2017

Dave's lively abstract.

Dave talking about his painting.

Bill's photo...back in his own backyard at night.

Jackie studying Bill's photo.

Don's sunny, acrylic painting.

Don't telling the group about his painting.

Jackie's abstract of trees.

Bill's Super Moon.

Jackie's detailed oil painting.
Donna's calm, colored-pencil painting.

We had a small, but mighty, group for our first critique of 2017.  Perhaps some folks are still recovering from the holidays?  Regardless, we look forward to a year full of lovely paintings and photos to view and critique!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's what we're up to...

Chris is working on a colorful collage!

Don's farm scene is coming along nicely.

Jackie is still refining those lovely geraniums.

Looking forward to Gerri's finished painting.

Photo reference for Betty's landscape.

At work:  Chris, Jackie, Gerri, Betty. 

Donna's portrait of a stately Redwood, in progress.

Donna enjoys the process.  Don in the background.

Lee's abstract acrylic, in progress.
On this cold and windy Wednesday morning, seven of us gathered to paint, share ideas, have a little fun, and be inspired as we welcomed in a new year.   We're looking forward to a productive 2017!  Won't you join us?  We're a friendly, welcoming group, and are always happy to see new faces.