Saturday, February 18, 2017

Art at the Center, 2-15-2017

Karen's beautiful horses, in colored-pencil.

Dave is having fun again!

Jackie and her lovely fantasy landscape.

Chris is still working on her rainbow.

Mary Ann, just getting started.

Dave in the fore, with the rest of the folks beyond.

Donna's colored-pencil landscape, still in the early stage.

Gerri's colored-pencil dog portrait, in progress.

This morning everyone was busy working!  A tall man with a camera stopped by to take a few  photos, and chat with some of the painters, and you are looking at the results of that visit!  Thanks, Bill Beuther, for taking care of this.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Critique Group 2-15-2017

Dave's bold and beautiful abstract floral with alcohol inks!

Dave explained how he achieve the textures in this piece.

Linda's lovely acrylic abstracts inspired by Luc Leestemaker.

A closeup and of one of Linda's paintings...upside down.  Yummy colors!

Obviously Don had fun painting this acrylic abstract.
A majestic Raven by Donna in colored pencil.

Experimental pieces by Lee, practicing reductive painting of figures.

Jackie, focused on the painting being discussed.

Another super acrylic abstract by Don.  Keep 'em coming!

The group, minus with Jackie and Bill, critiquing.

A second, powerful, acohol-ink painting by Dave.

The group comments.

Lee's acrylic abstract.

Dave is showing us how he creates with oil paint on yupo.

And, then presses print paper onto the painting to create another painting!

Last, but definitely not least, is Jackie's delicate, fanciful  and spectacular acrylic painting.

 Today's critique was one of the most exciting we have experienced.  The quality of work, the degree of experimentation, and the willingness to share was unsurpassed.  Many of these pieces are outside the normal boundaries for the artists and represent a real willingness to risk.  We will, without a doubt, be seeing some of these paintings in upcoming art exhibits! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Luc Leestemaker Day! And, The Gang's All Here!

WOW!  We had a full house today.  Actually, overflowing!  And, we had fun using Luc Leestemaker as our Muse.  No captions on these photos because the paintings are so different from the artists' norm, it would be total guesswork.  The artwork that was done today is absolutely amazing!  Bravo! to all who ventured outside their comfort zone!