Sunday, August 20, 2017

Art at the Center, 8-16-2017

The lack of noise was obvious, and delightful, on Wednesday morning.  School is back in session!  As much as we loved seeing the children in the hallway, and in the yard outside the rec center all summer, it was nice to have a bit less energy within the walls of the rec center this week.  As a result, we had a blissfully quiet morning, allowing us to focus on our art!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Critique Group, 8-14-2017

People in Abstract, Photo by Bill

George and Dave

Watercolor on Yupo by Dave

Potential future painting for George

George, Dave, and Don peeking in...

Plein air oil painting by Dave

Christmas cards by Jackie


Lee's floral encaustic

George showing a better orientation for this encaustic!

Bonnie's acrylic diptych in progress

Photo by Bill

Acrylic by Lee

Lee explaining possible cropping options...

Alcohol ink painting by Linda

Linda showing options

Oil painting by Don

Watercolor by George (in progress)

Watercolor abstract pointillism by Bonnie

Yesterday's critique was well attended and, as always, inspirational.  With such a diversity of styles and media, there is always a surprise.  We welcomed back a couple of folks who haven't been around for a while, and were interested to find out what they have been up to, artistically.  Dave's figure on Yupo, was a pleasant surprise., as was George's flute player (in progress).  Linda displayed her lovely alcohol ink painting that we had previously suggested she crop...but we decided we really preferred the original orientation without cropping.  Confusion reigns!  Bonnie's abstract was a delightful little gem, appearing to float almost out of the frame!  Jackie brought some potential Christmas cards that she designed, along with a poem she wrote, and Don shared one of his first paintings which we all agreed was surprisingly well done.  Especially for an early attempt.  Lee's encaustic, it turns out, might be more effective if hung on an angle.  And, last but not least, Bill shared his latest innovation...people in abstract...which is featured at the top of this post. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Art at the Center , August 9, 2017

Three's Company!  The three of us had a delightful morning painting and sharing ideas, and some stories.  Sometimes a small group can accomplish a great deal, as demonstrated by the artwork above.
Bonnie is continuing work on her diptych, and Donna continued work on her deer painting, as well as her painting begun last week at Brunswick Lake.  Lee was also plugging away at a pastel that she began a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Art at the Center, August 2, 2017

August already!  Hot and dry...  And, the deer are abundant, so it seemed appropriate to feature a detail photo of a painting Donna is doing in colored pencil.  The group was very focused today with some folks continuing to refine paintings already in progress, and others beginning new work.  One of the truly interesting aspects of this group is the diversity of style, media, and subject.