Thursday, November 16, 2017

Critique, November 13, 2017

Jackie's newest oil painting...we loved the energy!

Lee's soft pastel in progress, which the group said looks like a seascape! Maybe?

Almost the entire group...just missing the photographer.

One of Bill's colorful "People in Abstract" photos. 

George asking for suggestions on how to proceed with painting this image.

George then distributed the image to each of us.

 A closeup view.

Finally, we discussed various ways he might approach this painting.

A recent plein air oil painting by Dave that he was going to destroy!

Lee, commenting on the beautiful, soft, atmospheric effect. 

We all agreed it is lovely and should not be changed.

Donna's serene colored pencil landscape.  Wonderful handling of light!

A lovely older floral painting (oil) by Jackie

A cheerful acrylic floral by Chris.  The flowers appeared to be 3-dimensional.

George comments on Chris's painting.

Almost finished!  Bonnie's pointellist diptych is truly lovely.  Such patience!

A pastel by Lee, in the very early stages of development.

Bill's painting of a reflection of trees in water. 

George's watercolor in progress.  So delicately handled. 

Welcome to our newest member, Chris!  We had a great critique session this morning!  Bonnie asked for suggestions about framing her diptych and I think it was generally agreed that the two pieces should be framed separately.  Also, Jackie brought in an older painting along with a very current one, and asked for comments about the difference in style between the two.  Both were lovely, and we felt that the newer painting had more energy and life to it.

Our group is growing...and the art is becoming more diverse which helps to push many of us out of our comfort zone, and that's a good thing!  As a result, it was suggested that we have an expert abstract painter come to one of our sessions and help us understand how to critique an abstract painting...what to look for, etc.  This has been arranged for May 2018.  More on that at a later date.  In the meantime, we're all chugging along and doing the bests we can, continuing to paint, experimenting, and enjoying the process.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Art at the Center, 11-8-2017

Michele's watercolor the colors!
Paula and Chris

Bonnie, Donna, and Chris


This is really coming together!  Lovely!


The whole gang, minus the photographer.

Judy (hiding), Chris, and Paula


Judy, doing her homework.  Great portraiture!

Michele working on her watercolor

Lee's pastel.  Finished?  Probably not.

Paula working on Christmas card design.

Donna's colored pencil landscape.  Fall colors!

Michele busy with her watercolor.

Lee's start of a new pastel.

Mid-November already!  It was a good morning to be inside painting with the group.  What a potpourri of interesting styles and subjects!  Looking forward to next week...

Friday, November 3, 2017

Art at the Center 11-1-2017

A big thank you to Michele for taking the photos today!  As you can see, the group spent some time visiting, reading (thanks to Donna's generosity), and, of course, painting!