Thursday, February 22, 2018

Art at the Center, February 21, 2018

Lee's luminous acrylic composition.

 Donna's new autumn forest path.

Chris's new portrait sketch.

Don's new mixed media sketch.

In 2007, my son went on a trip to Germany.
As a gift, he brought me a tote bag with
a drawing by Hundertwasser on it.
I have used this bag since but never actually
looked up his work.  Why?  I don't know.
I looked up his work and was quite
surprised by his abstract location
paintings. The contrasting colors seemed
explosive.  It occurred to me
that his work would be especially
inspirational for anyone trying to
enter the abstract painting world.
When you have a chance, "Google It."

Until we meet again, Bonnie,
One of the Vintage Artists!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Art at the Center, February 14, 2018

Don's completed color and texture rich fantasy

Donna's new Prismacolor forest landscape.

Bonnie's star lantern.

It was a pleasantly sunny winter day that got us out
to meet and work on our projects.
We always appreciate the support
of our artist friends.
Thank you for attending!
See you soon!

Second Monday Critique, February 12, 2018

Chris's painting showing what we wish winter is like here!
Chris chose to add the red umbrella to add an extra dash of 

Dave's nonobjective expressive painting of 
what we might feel winter is like here!

Donna's completed Prismacolor fall forest composition.
I can hear the water rolling over the creek bed.

Don's completed lady with a colorful scarf.

Dave's Yupo composition of a celestially lit landscape.
This reminded me of a combination of the works of
Yves Tanguay's Multiplication of the Arcs 
and Max Ernst's Swamp angel.

Chris's preview of spring.  Her hydrangeas changed since
our first look through color adjustments 
in the foreground and background. 

The winter has had its toll on our attendance from lousy weather,
colds to flu bugs.  None the less, the helpful suggestions
and support are always here at the Center.
Thank you to all!