Friday, February 16, 2018

Art at the Center, February 14, 2018

Don's completed color and texture rich fantasy

Donna's new Prismacolor forest landscape.

Bonnie's star lantern.

It was a pleasantly sunny winter day that got us out
to meet and work on our projects.
We always appreciate the support
of our artist friends.
Thank you for attending!
See you soon!

Second Monday Critique, February 12, 2018

Chris's painting showing what we wish winter is like here!
Chris chose to add the red umbrella to add an extra dash of 

Dave's nonobjective expressive painting of 
what we might feel winter is like here!

Donna's completed Prismacolor fall forest composition.
I can hear the water rolling over the creek bed.

Don's completed lady with a colorful scarf.

Dave's Yupo composition of a celestially lit landscape.
This reminded me of a combination of the works of
Yves Tanguay's Multiplication of the Arcs 
and Max Ernst's Swamp angel.

Chris's preview of spring.  Her hydrangeas changed since
our first look through color adjustments 
in the foreground and background. 

The winter has had its toll on our attendance from lousy weather,
colds to flu bugs.  None the less, the helpful suggestions
and support are always here at the Center.
Thank you to all!  

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Art at the Center, January 17, 2018

It looks like Don is close to finishing his imaginative landscape.

Chris has taken her materials from last week and started
arranging her composition of various media.

Donna continues on her wooded landscape using
Prismacolor pencils.

Bonnie started a mixed media landscape
inspired by the winter river ice jams.

It was a cold, but sunny day on Wednesday, but that did not keep us away!
All of us worked on our individual media with visions of completion.
That keeps us progressing.

Helpful  Book
I will be posting books of interest to artists.  Usually these books
are available through the MCDL system.
Drawing the Light from Within by Judith Cornell
I used this book and the exercises in it when I taught drawing at Tri-C.
Noticing that new students sometimes have difficulty in creating values
and contrast in their drawings, this changed their way of thinking about this
important element of art.  Her direction of changing the concept is
to not think of the gray scale as grays, but as light.  She also 
shows how to work with color, contrast and patterns helping 
students to fulfill their own visions more effectively.
If you would like to share an art book that has helped you or one that you
found interesting, let me know.

Until we meet again, Bonnie

Friday, January 12, 2018

Art at the Center, January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018

Donna creates a new forest drawing.

Don continues working on one of his oil paintings. 

Chris is starting a new collage with an array of
different textural materials.

Last Wednesday, January 10, 2018, we had a break from the cold winter weather.
It was great to see all who attended.  From the work that was brought in it is clear that the cold did not freeze our creativity. I am sorry that I didn't get more photos taken
of the works of others in progress. My apologies!
I'm new at doing our blog and I'll try to improve.

Artistically Yours, 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Second Monday Critiques...last critique of 2017!

Season's Greetings to ALL!  

Jackie's stunning landscape, oil

Bill's abstract photo of Reykjavik, Iceland Opera House

Dave's powerful symbolic acrylic paintings

Bonnie's almost-finished, delightful pointellist diptych in acrylic

Lee's acrylic collage abstract

Donna's glowing colored pencil landscape

Don's stylized landscape in watermedia

Don's interpretation of TGI Friday's (move over Hopper)

Linda's exciting alcohol ink painting on Yupo

One of Bill's "People in Abstract" photos

Another of Dave's mysterious abstracts in watercolor

Our last critique of 2017!  A truly special group.  We spend these few hours together once a month, and have all benefited from the feedback and support of the group.  We'll be back together again, beginning January 8, 2018, and look forward to continued growth as artists. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Critique, November 13, 2017

Jackie's newest oil painting...we loved the energy!

Lee's soft pastel in progress, which the group said looks like a seascape! Maybe?

Almost the entire group...just missing the photographer.

One of Bill's colorful "People in Abstract" photos. 

George asking for suggestions on how to proceed with painting this image.

George then distributed the image to each of us.

 A closeup view.

Finally, we discussed various ways he might approach this painting.

A recent plein air oil painting by Dave that he was going to destroy!

Lee, commenting on the beautiful, soft, atmospheric effect. 

We all agreed it is lovely and should not be changed.

Donna's serene colored pencil landscape.  Wonderful handling of light!

A lovely older floral painting (oil) by Jackie

A cheerful acrylic floral by Chris.  The flowers appeared to be 3-dimensional.

George comments on Chris's painting.

Almost finished!  Bonnie's pointellist diptych is truly lovely.  Such patience!

A pastel by Lee, in the very early stages of development.

Bill's painting of a reflection of trees in water. 

George's watercolor in progress.  So delicately handled. 

Welcome to our newest member, Chris!  We had a great critique session this morning!  Bonnie asked for suggestions about framing her diptych and I think it was generally agreed that the two pieces should be framed separately.  Also, Jackie brought in an older painting along with a very current one, and asked for comments about the difference in style between the two.  Both were lovely, and we felt that the newer painting had more energy and life to it.

Our group is growing...and the art is becoming more diverse which helps to push many of us out of our comfort zone, and that's a good thing!  As a result, it was suggested that we have an expert abstract painter come to one of our sessions and help us understand how to critique an abstract painting...what to look for, etc.  This has been arranged for May 2018.  More on that at a later date.  In the meantime, we're all chugging along and doing the bests we can, continuing to paint, experimenting, and enjoying the process.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...