Friday, October 13, 2017

Second Monday Critiques, October, 11, 2017

Moody acrylic seascape by Mary Ann

The whole gang, minus the fella who hides behind his camera.

Lee's watercolor.

Jackie's sweet oil painting of her granddaughter on horseback!

The group doing their thing...

Oh, George! 

Bonnie's diptych...almost there!

Bill's photo of the steam engine he actually got to operate!

Donna's colored-pencil painting...such depth!

Don explaining his oil painting of a nude.

Don's painting up close and personal.

104-year old Julia, and George (?-years-old)

Photos of two painting options that George is considering.

Lee's acrylic.

Julia showing the painting she created for a Christmas card.

Jackie's oil painting

Mary Ann's watercolor, with reference photo.

Bill's latest "People in Abstract" photo.

A morning of beautiful art to critique, and a few surprises.  First of all, a warm welcome to our newest visitor, Julia, who is 104-years-old and takes painting lessons from several different instructors, including her daughter's friend, George Harth.  She is my new hero!  Mary Ann showed us her first attempt at acrylic painting, which is featured at the top of this post.  And, finally, there was Don with his nude!  Totally unexpected, and lovely.  We all shared a few laughs and enjoyed viewing and critiquing the body (sorry, had to say it) of work.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Art at the Center, October 4, 2017

Bonnie is making progress with her pointellist diptych.

Pointellism is painstakingly time consuming.

Jackie, busy with her oil painting

The group (minus the photographer) hard at work.

Don's latest progress.

Lots of concentration...
Jackie's oil painting of her grandson is coming together nicely.

Another lovely landscape by Donna.  The water sparkles!

What a great group of artists to paint with!

It was a good day!  Lots of work on pieces that are in-process, and some new beginnings.  Won't it be interesting to seeing the progress when we meet next week?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Art at the Center, Septmber 18, 2017

Michele's fanciful floral watercolor!

Jackie and Michele, focused.

Close view of Donna's colored-pencil painting.

Don, Donna, and Jackie, all hard at work!

Don's acrylic portrait of his favorite lady!
The lovely beginning of Jackie's latest till life, in oil.

Lee's imaginary pastel landscape.
Late arrivals, Jackie and Don, pleasantly surprised the rest of us.  The morning seemed to bring out the lighter side in all of us and there was a lot of good-natured bantering.  As we viewed each other's work, some constructive suggestions were made that were extremely helpful.  Sometimes we're just too close to our own artwork to see what needs to be done.  Enjoy these last days of summer and please remember we do not meet next week.  Our next painting session will be Wednesday, October 4.    Hope to see you then.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Critique 9-11-2017

People in Abstract, Photo by Bill

Still Life oil painting by Jackie

Abstract painting by Dave

Dave commenting on his painting
George's watercolor painting

Photo by Bill

Landscape oil painting by Jackie
Landscape colored pencil by Donna

Landscape oil painting by Dave
These beautiful works were viewed and critiqued by our group last Monday.  It is always fascinating to see the unique way in which each of us choose to express ourselves.  From subject matter to choice of medium to choice of style, diversity reigns!  And, that is what makes this such a delightful and rewarding experience, and something to look forward to each month.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Art at the Center, 9/6/2017

This lovely watercolor was done by Gerri

Donna is working small for MD Garage

One panel of Bonnie's acrylic diptych...a major undertaking

Bonnie, working on her acrylic diptych
Gerri is starting on a new painting this week

Donna and Bonnie

Gerri and Donna

A better view of Donna's waterfall in colored pencil
 A smaller than usual group today, but still a lot of painting was accomplished...along with a fair amount of visiting.  Some of our folks are out of town, and some are probably out golfing while they still have a chance!  But, as the weather cools, our group will expand.  In the meantime, it was nice to have Gerri back with us after several months away.  Lee was also here, but behind the camera.  Please check back next week to see what we're up to!