Friday, April 22, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

As you can see, we had another nice turn out for our Wednesday morning
painting time on this beautiful, sunny Spring morning.

We got down to business almost right away.  Everyone wanted
to be productive.  Here's Mary Ann (on the right) and
Judy(second from right).

Some of us worked on a new project.   Here Dave shows
us his very creative side.

Judy started a painting of this irresistible puppy.

Chris, who recently attended a Portrait Workshop,
worked on skill building.

Gerri began a new color pencil painting of a sunflower.
You can see her reference photo.

Some of us continued with artwork started last week.  If you compare these
with last week's photos, you'll be able to see how the work is
progressing.  Here is Donna's landscape, painted with
color pencil.

Mary Ann continued to develop her watercolor landscape.

Lee worked on her pastel painting. 

Both Donna and Karen(pictured in the front) paint using color pencils.   One of the
great things about us all getting together on Wednesday
mornings is that ideas and information can
be shared.

Gerri and Chris look so serious.

A final photo is of the artwork Karen was working on last week.
So glad she brought it back with her, now a completed painting.  Look at
her painting, in last week's blog, to see how the painting
"blossomed "  (sorry, I know it's corny.  Couldn't resist.).

During today's painting time we met with Amy Marzich who is the Brunswick
Activities Coordinator.   She requested that during the months of
May and June, there be a sampling of the our group's
artwork displayed in one of the Brunswick Rec Center's display
cases.  If you are visiting the Rec Center after the first Wednesday
in May, please stop by and take a look.   The case is off the main lobby, on the
way to the gym.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Here we are, almost into the middle of April and, although still
a little brisk out, it was truly a beautiful morning.

Chris continued to work on her latest collage. You can
see a story developing.   To
see the progress, check out last week's blog photo.

Donna has a new landscape in progress.   The reference
photo can be seen in the upper right.  Look at how her
colors "pop".

An occasional break is a good thing.  This is the time we can offer
informal critiques with each other...always helpful.  Both Karen
and Donna work with color pencil.

Karen was painting a floral.  Here is the her painting
in the early stages.

Last week Karen began this painting.   If you check last
week's blog, you'll see it in progress.   What a treat to
see it completed.  

Marsha began a new painting, using color pencil.  Here
you can see her reference and the start of her creation.

Sorry...this photo came out a little dark, but look at those
smiles (and all those art supplies).   From left to right:   Mary Ann,
Marsha, and Lee.

Mary Ann's work in progress.  She's working with watercolor today
(reference can be seen upper right).

Gerri was working from a photo she took of a bird in her yard.  You can
see her Kindle reference photo.   She's working in color pencil today;
 isn't it beautiful.

These are Pan Pastels and aren't they delicious?

The start of Lee's painting, using her Pan Pastels.  You can
get a sense of how colors can be
blended using the Pan Pastels.   It will be fun to
see it when it's done.

The start of Betty's collage landscape.

On Wednesday, May11, 2016 we are planning a mini-encaustic workshop
for any artist who is interested.  Of course, you are also free to work
in any medium of your choice on that day, too.

If you would like to work with the encaustics, here's a list of
supplies to bring along:

craft iron (if you have one...there will be extras available)
table cloth to cover your work area (Important:  NO plastic cloth!!  Cotten cloth is safest)
an extension cord
card stock ( cut into  3 x 5" sizes easiest to work with..there will
be extra card stock available)
old rimmed cookie sheet, or disposable aluminum cookie sheet

Hope to see you next Wednesday.   Have a great week.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Second Monday Critiques, 4-11-2016

A vibrant alcohol ink painting by Linda.  Great from any angle!


Dave's oil painting...such sensitivity.

Bill captured the intensity of these arm wrestlers.

George is back with paintings of Florida birds.

George's painting of a Florida bird in lovely soft colors...

George demonstrating the position of the bird (or, attempting to fly???)

A delicate colored-pencil painting of spring flowers, by Donna.

Lee's whimsical giant mushroom painting.  Do you see the Jolly Green Giant?

Tug-of-War at the Fair, captured by Bill

Another of Linda's exciting alcohol ink paintings!

George's gentle interpretation of these birds that he viewed in Florida.

A lovely forest scene in colored-pencil, by Donna.

Early in the process, a pastel of Allardale Park, by Lee

Dave decided to dabble in acohol inks and this is the intriguing result.
What a great way to spend a Monday morning!  We get to view lovely art, share our comments, and enjoy each others' company.  Not ready to have your work critiqued?  Come without it and learn what other artists look for.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

As usual, Dave got a quick start on creating a total
of three acrylic abstract paintings today.

Here's his first completed one.

Even his palette looks like an abstract painting.
Gerri began a watercolor painting with sunflowers.
She layered  her watercolor to achieve the effects
she wanted.

Welcome back friend!   Judy paints with color
pencil.  See the start of her painting, below.

And here it is.   My hat goes off to her...animals are difficult subjects
to paint.
Chris began a new collage today.  Hope she'll
bring it back for all to see when it is done.
Alcohol Ink is what Linda used today.  Her effects are
Karen started a bird painting using color
pencils.   See more, below.
You can see her marks in this close up.  We'll love to see
this one when complete.
Mary Ann shared with us a watercolor painting she started a couple
of weeks ago.   You will be able to go to a previous
posting to see an earlier stage.

Marsha worked with color can
see her photo reference.
Pan Pastels make for a luscious look.  Lee's painting
in the early stages. 
Donna decided to paint a Spring themed painting...
dogwood blooms.   See the painting in
a later stage, below.

It's lovely.
Paula began this painting a few weeks ago.   Glad
she brought it in so we could see
it today.  Isn't it charming?

Betty worked on an acrylic floral, adding paper collage for the table top.
Let's see where it goes from here.
Our time together is not all work and no play.   We enjoy
each other's company when we play
on Wednesday mornings.

Karen and Dave "catching" up.  You can view more of
Dave's abstracts in this photo.

It's been several weeks since we've all gotten together to paint, and we enjoyed
getting out this Wednesday morning.   Remember, we meet the
first three Wednesday mornings of the month (9am - noon)
at the Brunswick Rec Center.  If you're wanting some "me" painting
time, come join us.