Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today Donna started a new color pencil landscape.  In the lower left you can
see the reference photo she painted from.

I don't know......these three look like they're up to
something, don't they?   That's Mary Ann  on the left,
Karen in the middle, and we welcomed Marsha on the right.
(we look forward to seeing you again, Marsha)

Just so you don't think the three suspicious people in
the above photo plotted the entire time we painted,
here's the start of Karen's color pencil
painting of a bird.

Mary Ann worked on a watercolor landscape.
She's using a photo can see
it standing by her watercolor painting tray.

If you've been following our blog, you may have
noticed that Chris has been working on an
acrylic landscape.   Today she continued working
on her painting.

Yummy colors!   Linda's alcohol ink painting.

It's always interesting to see what Dave will create when
he joins us on Wednesdays.  He's loose and free with
his painting techniques, here using acrylic, collage, and
scraping through to layers below.

What a pleasant day we had today.   We shared friendship, we shared  painting ideas
 and we even shared some Irish Soda Bread.   We welcomed a new member, and sent
wishes to a missing member of our group (and we hope both will be
back with us soon).

Meeting at the Brunswick Rec Center is one of those nice things we
do for ourselves.   If you'd like to put aside a couple
hours to paint with a warm group of
people, think about joining with us the first,
second, and third Wednesday of the month,
from 9am until noon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Second Monday Critique Group 3-14-2016

Donna's colored pencil-painting drew oohs and aahs!

Donna and Annette study the painting.

Another spectacular alcohol ink painting on Yupo, by Linda.

And, then we questioned what it would look like turned.  It works!

Lee's little forest pastel painting

Annette showing the group her lovely photo images on her computer.

Bill's ethereal photo taken at Brunswick Lake

Donna, again delighted us with this woodland colored-pencil painting.

Gerri visited for the first time, and brought this bright and cheerful pastel painting.

Lee's image-in-progress.

We had fun finding the images within this super painting (Linda's)

Bill's moving image of Ohio's Heartland.
We had a good group this morning, and lots of lively discussion while critiquing and sharing our ideas with one another.  This group is open to anyone who would like to bring their artwork to be critiqued by the group.  Active participation in the critique process is encouraged, but not required.  Nervous about sharing your art?  Just come and sit in for a session and see what we do.  You are always welcome!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Donna's work in progress....another beautiful landscape drawn with color
pencils.   Did you know that Donna won the People's Choice Award
at this year's Medina County Art League's Aquarius Exhibition?
Congratulations, and well deserved, Donna.   To see her Award Winning Painting,
 I'm including the link to the MCAL website for you to view it.
 Go to "Exhibitions", click on "Aquarius Exhibition"..."Aquarius  Exhibition Winners"...scroll
down toward the bottom and feast your eyes!

Mary Ann working on a lovely watercolor landscape.

Karen's color pencil painting.  Look at the detail.

You can tell Judy is soooo over winter time and ready for spring.   The beginning of her Spring
floral, using color pencil.

Chris works on an acrylic landscape.  Aren't we fortunate to be able to
access our photos on computer tablets?

This photo, and the next one, shows Gerri working on a new
collage painting.  Here she adds acrylic paint through a plastic mesh to
add texture.

After she added the earth color texture, she built up many more
layers before the morning was over.  

Here's Dave...his acrylic abstract painting on the table.  It is in the very early
stages.  See the next photo to see how it turned out.  


Lee brought with her those yummy Pan Pastels  & a variety of
pastel pencils to allow her to add more
detail .

Linda's alcohol ink "dreamscape".   The alcohol inks have such
vibrant colors.

Betty's acrylic floral...still more to do, but a
good start.

Well, today's weather was a HUGE improvement over the past couple of Wednesdays, and more
of our group came out of hibernation.   As you can see,  our artists
work in a variety of mediums.   It's so much fun to see these
works evolve as the morning progresses.
And it's a pleasure to share this time with each other.

If you are interested in meeting some like minded folks,
who get together once a week for a few hours to paint,
please consider joining with us.    We meet in the Arts and Crafts Room
at the Brunswick Rec Center from 9am until noon.....first, second,
and third Wednesday of the month.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Aren't Wednesday mornings great?   We all bring whatever
type of art medium we wish to work with.

Dave brought his acrylics with him today
and created several abstract paintings.  Above is
masterpiece # 1.

Dave with the beginnings of masterpiece #2.

Lee treated herself to working with pastel pencils
today.   She used a Pastelmat support for her little landscape.

Chris began a landscape painting, utilizing an image from
her tablet.

Gerri worked on a new collage.  She layered and layered,
and each layer resulted in more depth and mystery.

Thought I would  add this image to show how we sometimes
bring  everything but the kitchen sink....all to end up
with a painting that measures 9" x 12".  And
this photo only shows a portion of the table.

Betty began an abstract painting, using acrylic paint.